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Levaque Fourrure
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Specializing in recycling, repairing, selling and storage or fur coats and accessories. As well as leather, down and shearling coat repair. Levaque Furs in recognized since 1945 for its excellent service and superior quality brand name products.

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Comfortable and warm, fur coat remains timeless. Mink, sheared beaver and lynx are always fashionable.   Levaque its not only fur coats, but also accessories, fabrics coats, shearling coats, leather coats, sheepskin coats and ready-to-wear clothes.   It is strongly recommended that your fur coat spends the summer in a refrigerated vault with controlled humidity to prevent deterioration of the leather during the warm period.

Fur and store
677 Main Est Street
Hawkesbury, Ontario
Canada, K6A 1B3
613 632-3711

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