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Levaque is not only known for there furs but also wool, shearling, leather, and ready-to-wear brand name coats and accessories.

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Fur coats   Leather coats   Shearling coats
Both classical and contemporary, fur remains and will always remain timeless!   Made from premium quality, our leather coats are durable and stylish.   Our shearling coats easily adapt to all styles.
Fur teddy bear   Ready-to-wear   Fur rugs
Ah the little teddy bears ... they are so cute! Made from your coat, it is a beautiful gift for your children.   We have a large collection of ready-to-wear clothing.   Recycle your old coats into rugs.
We are authorized seller to the famous hammocks from La Maison du Hamac. Colored cotton hammocks, quality, handmade in Brazil.        

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