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A professional storage during summer, prolongs the life of your fur. The air conditioned houses or simple cedar closet do not save the fur of drought, dust or the ravages of insects. Humidity, temperature and lighting of the vaults are specifically regulated to preserve your fur. A fur can look beautiful for some time while the leather's natural oils dry out slowly. Once the fur had dried, it cracks and splits. There is no cure for this phenomenon and the natural oil is essential to prolong the natural qualities of the fur...



The fur should be cleaned once a year. The fur has rarely look dirty, but an annual treatment restores softness and freshness. With a dry process that does not damage your fur, cleaning and spraying restore vigor to the fur without it shrinks, discolored or deformed. A fur cleaned and vaporized by an expert remains soft and shiny, and last longer.


10 practical tips

1. Use a wide hanger that supports all the shoulder. Metal hangers are not suitable. Do not catch your fur in a wardrobe, some space on each side is recommanded.

2. Do not store your fur in a plastic wrap or proof rubber to air. When traveling, use the envelope fabric provided by your retailer.

3. If your coat gets wet, shake it and dry it in the open air. Do not place it over a radiator or near a heat source. Once it is dry, shake the coat again. The fur is more resistant to light rain as wool. If your coat is completely wet, take it to your dealer because a treatment is necessary. Do not brush or comb your fur.

4. Do not pin jewelry on your fur. Do not wear belts bags on your coat evenly.

5. Forget mothballs. Annual treatment and storage are the most valuable cares.

6. Avoid spraying your fur with perfume or cosmetics.

7. During the summer, store your fur in a vault where humidity, temperature and light are adjusted specifically to protect it. The conventional dry cleaning is damaging to the fur.

8. The annual cleaning must be done with a fur expert. Conventional cleaning should not be applied.

9. If some points of a seam yield, made it sew immediately by your dealer. Waiting would risk irreparable.

10. It is not recommended to hang your fur under strong light. This may oxidize the color or alter it.


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